Executive Director of

the UN-17 Social Club

Kalin Rodgers

Kalin Rodgers was born in Lafayette, IN, raised in Hastings, NE and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with a Bachelor's degree in Merchandising Management with a minor in economics. In June of 2018, she moved to Taos, NM to study Alchemical medicine making. After apprenticing for two years, she developed her own practice known as TABÜ Aphrodisiacs. Although her passion is for aphrodisiacs, she observed the need to expand her horizon to native plants of New Mexico to offer the people readily-available medicines. She weaves this devotional practice into curating the menu at UN-17 with the intention of bridging the gap between medicine and mixology. She applies her alchemical knowledge to UN-17 space to compost and repurpose as much as possible in order to decrease waste. Her long-term life goal is to open her own laboratory to offer accessible and effective remedies. She now lives in Bosque Farms with her life partner Jesse Moya and their cat Sid.

President and
Executive Director of
UN-17 Dana Koller

Dana Koller, born and raised in New Mexico, Dana Koller has a proven track record of creating, operating and sustaining successful business ventures and community events around our state. While Agile coaching and Social Enterprise coaching is a specialty and passion of Dana's, he also balances life with many hobbies such as yoga, mediation, outdoor sports, and wine tasting just to name a few. Dana has a loving relationship with Cassandra Kent and her two beautiful children Isaiah and Jordyn in which he says is a motivator that cannot be replaced. Dana Founded UN-17 in 2018 in hopes to change the world of business for the better.

Executive Assistant & 
Membership Concierge

Madeline LaMar

Madeline LaMar, born and raised in a small town and moved to New Mexico when she was young. Madeline studies fashion, modeling, painting, and art in other mediums; which she implements through creativity in her role. She takes pride in having an impactful role in UN-17, her passion and motivation are to bring people together and bring positive change to Albuquerque. Madeline’s care for people, change, and community led her to her role at UN-17 which she happily fulfills. As we move forward, Madeline will be communicating with our members and focusing on community outreach and events.

Mixologist and Cocktail
Abigail Malmquist

Abigail Malmquist, born and raised in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Abby is a vivacious, fun loving 24 year old. She grew up in a large family and is 1 of 6 kids. She is a bartender and cocktail waitress for UN-17, but has accumulated experience from El Pinto Restaurant & Cantina. Abby has always had a passion for shaping the minds of children as well as making handcrafted drinks. Her hopes from UN-17 is to acquire enough experience and rapport to create her own bartending business for special events. Abby sees lots of growth through UN-17 and the goals they have established as a whole to build a positive work environment and impact on the community. Dana Koller has taught her a newly found perspective on what businesses should focus on and hopes to spread the outlook and goals UN-17 has established with others. Abby Malmquist is also a lover of animals, but most importantly wiener dogs. Her wiener dog Winston is the most favorite part of her day.

Hostess, Membership Concierge, & Cocktail Waitress
Celeste Rudolfo

Celeste (she/they, her/them) a New Mexico and Mexico native is an interdisciplinary person, passionate about social justice through sustainability, regenerative ecology, agriculture, and art. Celeste is currently working on research at UNM around these critical topics to implement this sacred knowledge on a day-to-day basis. Celeste is knowledgeable in indigenous practices honoring local communities in their authentic element. Celeste brings together people and place with holistic integrity. Celeste is extremely motivated to encourage change on a systemic level analyzing oppressive systems and how to experience healthy and equitable systems through strategic decolonization.