Supporting Goal 11 in creating 

Sustainable Cities and Communities in New Mexico 

Mile-by-Mile is a quarterly event that encourages businesses across Albuquerque to improve their surrounding community and environment within one square mile of their facilities. Examples of these efforts are street cleaning, graffiti removal, hosting a community meet and greet, helping to relocate homeless or provide for those in need, planting vegetation and so on…

The purpose is to encourage positive infrastructure, economic growth, and community involvement with existing resources that businesses may have available to them. UN-17 IBOA has taken the initiative to organize these 1 day quarterly events to help keep businesses on track to reach their Mile-by-Mile goals. A cleaner environment and improved environment has been proven to generate economic growth, lower crime rates, and encourage community health and

well-being. Most companies have the want and the need to give back but lack the organization to do so. It is our commitment to make this easy, fun, and fully attainable for any company or small business that is motivated to make a long term improvement to their community and in turn improve economic growth. 


1) Complete the form below to be added to our Mile-by-Mile network (Free)
2)  Choose a goal listed or a custom goal that fits the needs and improves your community the greatest  (Our team can assist with this if needed)
3) Pay attention to our correspondence  and emailing so that we can help keep your company on track to meet its goals. 

1) Improve employee and company moral 
2)  Generate  economic growth in your immediate area 
3) Receive the public awareness your company deserves 
4)  Network with like minded companies that are encourage to create long term sustainability 
5) Be part of a global initiative 
 This list goes on... to learn more, read about the 11th goal set by the
United Nations of Sustainable Development 
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Why sign your business on to the Mile-by-Mile program?

How to sign your business on to the Mile-by-Mile program: