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An Ethical Revolution changing the Culture of Capitalism

UN-17 is a non-profit organization comprised of a team of passionate professionals and 200+ New Mexico leaders that are the driving force and leading example of higher ethics within the private sector, community and our government. We are proving the paradigm shift that profitability and compassion need not be mutually exclusive but in fact can work hand-in-hand to solve our most pressing social issues.  

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With the support of our members and team we will make New Mexico #1 in Social Enterprises. A state where all organizations operate with the betterment of people, planet and economic growth as the forefront of their goals. This requires a fundamental transformation in how we measure success, moving away from short-term gains and embracing long-term, holistic prosperity.

Together, let us build a future where compassion and profitability go hand in hand, where businesses become beacons of hope, and where our collective efforts create a world of enduring well-being and harmony for all.


Invest: We inspire people to invest in local companies that share the same vision and understanding that profitability and social responsibility is the key to long term success.

Share and Showcase: Coming soon... we will have a podcast that interviews, showcases and rewards companies, leaders, and organizations that implement innovative strategies that support the mind set that "no one person should ever be left behind." 

Educate and Coach: We encourage our members and supporting partners to be transparent in their efforts by sharing their successes and what is working. We host educational events to encourage partnerships across all sectors of business and industries. 

Donate/Support: There is no reason to "reinvent the wheel." We seek to find partners proven in their fields of interest and expertise and we donate to their efforts. 

Social Collaboration: We created a 501c7...

A private Social Club and Speakeasy where our members can meet in a fun, safe and supportive manner to celebrate their progress and build lasting partnerships that allow their businesses and organizations to reach their highest and best potential. 

This is an elegant atmosphere led by a professional hospitality team that serve and help connect our members while they enjoy the upscale lounge environment.