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UN-17 Lounge

Our commitment is to foster a culture of ethical corporation and social responsibility by uniting the leading organizations in New Mexico. We are proving through the private sector  and the adoption of practices such as the 17-goals, we not only strengthen the bottom line, but solve New Mexico's leading issues like, poverty, inequality, education, economic growth and timely innovation. Through our strategic partnerships we can provide our members with the resources needed to reach their goals in corporate responsibility and encourage an "Ethical Revolution" that can enhance the lives of everyone.   

Our favorite films produced by "Project Everyone," an organization that has inspired the creation of UN-17 in the state of New Mexico


Bringing businesses, community culture and improvement together one square mile at a time. 

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Our Mission

A co-working space and

restaurant serving beer, wine, espresso, and tapas.

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Sustainable 14 day study abroad partnership in Costa Rica
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